Tactical Takeaways: Swansea 0-5 Chelsea

On a day when many Premier League ties were decided by one goal, and a couple were decided at the death, those choosing to tune into Swansea – Chelsea may have felt robbed. Unless of course Benny Hill is their thing, in which case the Blues’ 5-0 thrashing of their hosts would have been a feast.

Trouble is, it’s so hard to analyse the league leaders when the opposition seemed to do everything possible to shoot itself in the foot. Swansea’s incompetence was so breathtaking that J.R. Ross – the wrestling announcer you often hear superimposed on Germany 7-1 Brazil videos- should have been called in to commentate the rout. By the time goal number three sailed in, it was pretty evident that Garry Monk’s men had thrown in the towel, which ironically meant an end to all the cute backpasses they provided Chelsea.

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Which African and Asian players will Serie A miss the most?

With the African Cup of Nations and Asian Cup in full swing, fans the world over now have an excuse to sneakily watch football at work every day of the week. A few, however, won’t be best pleased to find out that their teams’ stars could be away for weeks, or more if they pick up an injury.
We all got to see the most xenophobic wing of this school of thought when Bordeaux manager Willy Sagnol revealed his true feelings about the African Cup of Nations late last year, so why not target a federation who elected a racist president? Step forward Italy, who elected Giogio Tavecchio despite some horrific comments about African players made in the run-up to the voting.
So, without further ado, let’s review which absences will hurt their respective teams the most.

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