EURO 2016: France v Portugal PREDICTION! (FOR DK)

It’s finally here, ladies and gentlemen.

France play dark horses Portugal at the Parc des Princes on Sunday hoping to match Germany and win their third European Championship, their second at home.

They face a Portugal side that has come up short so often of late, racking up the semi-final appearances without ever managing to lift silverware.

Considering I got both semi-final results horribly wrong (WAL 1-0 POR, FRA 1-2 GER), you should DEFINITELY trust me to get it right this time!

But what did I go for? Check me out on Draft Kings TV with Andy Davies, Jamie Hinks and Tyrone Atkins. With thanks to El Jefe Wade McElwain!

EURO 2016: DraftKings Lineup, CLG

Here is my DraftKings lineup for the Euro 2016 semi-finals, which I stupidly forgot to post yesterday.

As you can see, my picks for the Wales-Portugal game were hardly stellar, though Gareth Bale acquitted himself well.

Of more relevance are the players I’ve picked for tonight’s France- Germany game.

Check out my picks here!

For a slightly longer explanation, here I am discussing them with the great Andy Davies, Jamie Hinks and Wade McElwain


And below are my Chooser, my Loser, and my Gem. Tommy Muller, I am so, so sorry. You’re a great player (and a bit of a squealer, but never mind that), but I just don’t see you shining tonight. Which’ll probably mean you’re going home with a hat-trick and Carla Bruni in your suitcase. Oh well.


EURO 2016: France v Germany Prediction (For Draftkings)

Here’s the way I see the France – Germany semi going… a bit of a surprise maybe.

With the fantastic Jamie Hinks, Andy Davies and Wade McElwain

EURO 2016: Wales v Portugal Prediction (For DraftKings)

Check out my take on tonight’s key match between Wales and Portugal.

Surprisingly, I think Wales may just pip this one…

Azzurri not daring enough

Any analysis of Italy’s downfall on penalties must be prefaced with gratitude: though we may not feel it right now, we’ll eventually be thankful to the Azzurri for a great many things, whether it was for completely outmanoeuvring more talented opponents or Antonio Conte’s touchline lunacy.

This doesn’t, however, mean that our acceptance should be unqualified. Just because he proved us wrong before doesn’t mean that Conte should be exempt from criticism. Ironically, it is because he took Italy to the last eight that we have to ask ourselves what was missing to make the next step.

One could posit that Italy’s Coach went against his own credo against Germany.

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